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Whether you’re planning a scientific conference or an annual association meeting, each event is unique and requires a strong foundation to make it successful. To ensure that your event meets your goals, objectives and unique logistical requirements, a proven partner with experience in your field to help strategize and plan all elements of your next event is what you need!

Each event cycle will begin with a collaborative strategy session that is created to identify client goals & objectives, develop a plan and agree upon deliverables. As an extension of your team, I work one-on-one with my clients to create a comprehensive project plan that showcases the results that you want.


The location of your conference or tradeshow is very important to the success of the event. It needs to entice attendees and provide the right facilities to meet your standards, meeting space requirements, agenda and budget.

As an expert in conference management, I can assist with selecting the location for your next conference. With relationships and extensive experience working with various hotels, convention centers and venues of all sizes, I know how to find just the right location to fit your goals, objectives and resources. All details are covered to help minimize your risks, save you money and ensure that you receive high quality service.  My site selection services Include: historical analysis, custom RFP and site review, site visit and contract negotiation.


My logistics planning starts as soon as I start to visualize your event.  That includes:  budget management, room sets, floor plans (exhibit hall & meeting rooms), AV set up, food & beverage selection, speaker management, tradeshow floor management and onsite support for the duration of your event. I’m all about the details, details, details!


In order to determine how your event can evolve along with your organizational goals, I take a look at the internal & external factors that affect the strength of your events.

Whether you’re looking to introduce a fresh perspective to your established event or calculate the ROI of an existing event, quantifiable metrics are vital. I conduct a thorough review of your current event, assess its impact and the value added to your organization through interviews with stakeholders and the breakdown of data. Being armed with knowing if your event met its original objectives will simplify the planning of future programs.


Depending on your needs, I will plan and conduct a one or two-day retreat for your executive team, starting with broad thinking & assessments and moving to more specific actions that meets your management team or organization’s unique dynamics, goals, and culture.

Each management team retreat starts with agreement on the theme, participation, and general agenda. As the retreat unfolds, the agenda may change direction as the team learns together, addresses tough issues, builds consensus on priorities, and sets action plans. As with any plan in highly dynamic situations, what seemed straightforward at the beginning can quickly change direction. That’s where my extensive experience, vast library of concepts and facilitation skills pay off.

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